Scorpio horoscope week of january 19 2019

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You are mysterious, which accounts in large part for your unforgettable allure and charm.

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You are interested in learning about others, but reveal little about yourself. It is true that you are secretive, for you feel that revealing too much might make you vulnerable.

Still, if a member of your family or a friend confides in you, your secretive nature is a plus, for you will never reveal their secret. Although you can be quite social and friendly, solitude allows you to think in peace, connect with your powerful intuition, and reflect on recent events.

Scorpios are called intense.

Fresh - The #FreshForecast: Scorpio

Your resilience and ability to rebound from devastating circumstances continually surprises everyone around you. Your passion is vividly evident in all you do and allows you to grasp your goal, despite obstacles.

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Your professional life can span law, finance, or medicine, for in each area it takes a concentrated devotion to succeed—and succeed you will. Scorpio is a fixed sign, which makes you an enduringly loyal friend, and particularly faithful in marriage, which you expect from your partner.

A Scorpio mates for life.

Scorpio January 2019 ~ MAJOR ENDINGS & SHINY NEW BEGINNINGS ~ Astrology ~ Horoscope

You are a water sign, your emotions run deep; and for you, what is private stays private. In love, you are hypnotic.

When you meet someone new you wish to know, although the party may be crowded, your magnetic gaze says it all. Your concentration on that person is madly flattering. Your sign is considered the sexy sign. You are a joy to your mate, a sparkling jewel to treasure forever.

Scorpio 2019 Love Horoscope

Last year, , was your wonder year. You were very busy taking advantage of opportunities that came up, and the seeds that you planted last year will bring a bountiful financial harvest this year….

Get to the bottom of things when you encounter problems in the love area. Around the last quarter of the year , some stability would be visible in your love or marital life. Be prepared for some small temporary separation from partner or spouse owing to miscommunication and the like..

Finance horoscope For Scorpio Scorpio natives would be blessed with a financially sound period in year This would be a good time to consolidate your financial standing in society.

Yearly Love Horoscope: 2019 Love Guide for Scorpio

You would be able to get rid of some of your bad loans and debts through the days. Certain sacrifices however ought to be made en-route. The planets help you to make more money through the year by means of long term investments, real estate deals, and the like. A good time to decide on what areas are in real need of your finances and what areas can wait.

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  • The end of the year would bring some luck and fortune. Also some monetary benefits by way of legacy or inheritance is also on the cards for some Scorpios.

    Health horoscope For Scorpio Year would keep the Scorpios on their feet. You would not be able to get much rest and would be always on the move. Your emotional side might take a toll on your general health and well-being, beware. Look for positive energy around and do not brood over past mistakes or take guilt to your head and heart.

    You would be quite good physically, while the mental side might feel occasional strains. Find ways to recharge yourself.


    The middle of the year would bring about major changes in your lifestyle. There would be ample opportunities to rejuvenate yourself. Stick to good food habits, take plenty of water and liquids and take care that nervous breakdowns are out of your way. Love your moment and look out for calm and serene atmosphere to live and work in. An aggressive and ferocious approach wont work for now.

    Only diplomacy and tact would go a long way in forging good relationships at home. The middle of the year brings about some good tidings in your family life.

    The second half of the year brings about new members into your household by way of birth or marriage. Do not promise things that you cannot handle to family members.